MPAP: Virtualization Architecture for Heterogenous Wireless APs

Yong He, Ji Fang, Jiansong Zhang, Haichen Shen, Kun Tan, and Yongguang Zhang
Appears in: 
CCR January 2011

This demonstration shows a novel virtualization architecture, called Multi-Protocol Access Point (MPAP), which exploits the software radio technology to virtualize multiple heterogenous wireless stan- dards on single radio hardware. The basic idea is to deploy a wide- band radio front-end to receive radio signals from all wireless stan- dards sharing the same spectrum band, and use separate software base-bands to demodulate information stream for each wireless s- tandard. Based on software radio, MPAP consolidates multiple wireless devices into single hardware platform, allowing them to share the common general-purpose computing resource. Different software base-bands can easily communicate and coordinate via a software coordinator and coexist better with one another. As one example, we demonstrate to use non-contiguous OFDM in 802.11g PHY to avoid the mutual interference with narrow-band ZigBee communication.