April 2010: Editor's Message

S. Keshav
Appears in: 
CCR April 2010

This editorial is about some changes that will affect CCR and its community in the months ahead.

Changes in the Editorial Board

CCR Area Editors serve for a two-year term. Since the last issue, the terms of the following Area Editors have expired:
• Kevin Almeroth, UC Santa Barbara, USA
• Chadi Barakat, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
• Dmitri Krioukov, CAIDA, USA
• Jitendra Padhye, Microsoft Research, USA
• Pablo Rodriguez, Telefonica, Spain
• Darryl Veitch, University of Melbourne, Australia

I would like to thank them for their devotion, time, and effort. They have greatly enhanced the quality and reputation of this publication.

Taking their place is an equally illustrious team of researchers:
• Augustin Chaintreau, Thomson Research, France
• Stefan Saroiu, Microsoft Research, USA
• Renata Teixeira, LIP6, France
• Jia Wang, AT&T Research, USA
• David Wetherall, University of Washington, USA Welcome aboard!

Online Submission System

This is the first issue of CCR completely created using an online paper submission system rather than email. A slight variant to Eddie Kohler's HotCRP, the CCR submission site allows authors to submit papers at any time, and for them to receive reviews as they are finalized.

Moreover, they can respond to the reviews and conduct an anonymized conversation with their Area Editor. The system is currently batched: reviewer assignments and reviews are done once every three months. However, starting shortly, papers will be assigned to an Area Editor for review as they are submitted and the set of accepted papers will be published quarterly in CCR. We hope that this will allow authors to have the benefits of a 'rolling deadline,' similar to that pioneered by the VLDB journal.

Reviewer Pool

The reviewer pool is a set of volunteer reviewers, usually post-PhD, who are called upon by Area Editors to review papers in their special interests. The current set of reviewers in the pool can be found here: http://blizzard.cs.uwaterloo.ca/ccr/reviewers.html. If you would like to join the pool, please send mail to ccr-edit@uwaterloo.ca with your name, affiliation, interests, and contact URL.

Page Limits

We have had a six-page limit for the last year. The purpose of this limit was to prevent CCR from becoming a cemetery for dead papers. This policy has been a success: the set of technical papers in each issue has been vibrant and well-suited to this venue. However, we recognize that it is difficult to fit work into six pages. Therefore, from now on, although submissions will still be limited to six pages (unless permission is obtained in advance), if the reviewers suggest additional work, additional pages will be automatically granted.

I hope that these changes will continue to make CCR a bellwether for our community. As always, your comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome.