CCR Papers from 2007

  • Jon Crowcroft and Peter Key

    Europe has often followed in the footsteps of US research, but here we are trying to lead in Clean Slate networking research, rather than Cleans late networking. This is a report from a recent workshop on this topic.

  • Christoph Neumann, Nicolas Prigent, Matteo Varvello, and Kyoungwon Suh

    While multi-player online games are very successful, their fast deployment suffers from their server-based architecture. Indeed, servers both limit the scalability of the games and increase deployment costs. However, they make it easier to

    control the game (e.g. by preventing cheating and providing support for billing). Peer-to-peer, i.e. transfer of the game functions on each each player’s machine, is an attractive communication model for online gaming. We investigate here the challenges of peer-to-peer gaming, hoping that this discussion will generate a broader interest in the research community.

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