Martin Casado

Dynamic route recomputation considered harmful

Matthew Caesar, Martin Casado, Teemu Koponen, Jennifer Rexford, and Scott Shenker
Appears in: 
CCR April 2010

This paper advocates a different approach to reduce routing convergence—side-stepping the problem by avoiding it in the first place! Rather than recomputing paths after temporary topology changes, we argue for a separation of timescale between offline computation of multiple diverse paths and online spreading of load over these paths. We believe decoupling failure recovery from path computation leads to networks that are inherently more efficient, more scalable, and easier to manage.

Ethane: Taking Control of the Enterprise

Martin Casado, Michael J. Freedman, Justin Pettit, Jianying Luo, Nick McKeown, and Scott Shenker
Appears in: 
CCR October 2007

This paper presents Ethane, a new network architecture for the enterprise. Ethane allows managers to define a single networkwide fine-grain policy, and then enforces it directly. Ethane couples extremely simple flow-based Ethernet switches with a centralized controller that manages the admittance and routing of flows. While radical, this design is backwards-compatible with existing hosts and switches.

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