Krishna P. Gummadi

An Analysis of Social Network-Based Sybil Defenses

Bimal Viswanath, Ansley Post, Krishna P. Gummadi, and Alan Mislove
Appears in: 
CCR October 2010

Recently, there has been much excitement in the research community over using social networks to mitigate multiple identity, or Sybil, attacks. A number of schemes have been proposed, but they differ greatly in the algorithms they use and in the networks upon which they are evaluated. As a result, the research community lacks a clear understanding of how these schemes compare against each other, how well they would work on real-world social networks with different structural properties, or whether there exist other (potentially better) ways of Sybil defense.

SatelliteLab: Adding Heterogeneity to Planetary-Scale Network Testbeds

Marcel Dischinger, Andreas Haeberlen, Ivan Beschastnikh, Krishna P. Gummadi, and Stefan Saroiu
Appears in: 
CCR October 2008

Planetary-scale network testbeds like PlanetLab and RON have become indispensable for evaluating prototypes of distributed systems under realistic Internet conditions. However, current testbeds lack the heterogeneity that characterizes the commercial Internet. For example, most testbed nodes are connected to well-provisioned research networks, whereas most Internet nodes are in edge networks.

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