Hongyi Zeng

Inside the Social Network's (Datacenter) Network

Arjun Roy, Hongyi Zeng, Jasmeet Bagga, George Porter, Alex C. Snoeren
Appears in: 
CCR August 2015

Large cloud service providers have invested in increasingly larger datacenters to house the computing infrastructure required to support their services. Accordingly, researchers and industry practitioners alike have focused a great deal of effort designing network fabrics to efficiently interconnect and manage the traffic within these datacenters in performant yet efficient fashions. Unfortunately, datacenter operators are generally reticent to share the actual requirements of their applications, making it challenging to evaluate the practicality of any particular design.

Carving Research Slices Out of Your Production Networks with OpenFlow

Rob Sherwood, Michael Chan, Adam Covington, Glen Gibb, Mario Flajslik, Nikhil Handigol, Te-Yuan Huang, Peyman Kazemian, Masayoshi Kobayashi, Jad Naous, Srinivasan Seetharaman, David Underhill, Tatsuya Yabe, Kok-Kiong Yap, Yiannis Yiakoumis, Hongyi Zeng, Guido Appenzeller, Ramesh Johari, Nick McKeown, and Guru Parulkar
Appears in: 
CCR January 2010

OpenFlow has been demonstrated as a way for researchers to run networking experiments in their production network. Last year, we demonstrated how an OpenFlow controller running on NOX could move VMs seamlessly around an OpenFlow network. While OpenFlow has potential to open control of the network, only one researcher can innovate on the network at a time. What is required is a way to divide, or slice, network resources so that researchers and network administrators can use them in parallel.

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