Community Feedback Session 2009 Notes

Notes from the Community Feedback Session at SIGCOMM 2009

Bruce Davie (SIG Chair):

- Welcome

- Introduction of SIGCOMM Executive Committee

- Thanks to outgoing members of Executive Committee (Rexford, Byers, Crovella)

- Overview of SIG finances

- Sponsored conferences

- SIG efforts to reach out to global community

- In-cooperation conferences

- SIGCOMM conference locations, call for site proposals for 2011

- Overview of awards

- Information services

- SIG membership trends

- Industry-academic collaboration

- How to communicate with the SIG

- Conference issues

- Education

- Proposal: Technical Steering Committee for SIGCOMM conference

Henning Schulzrinne (SIG Vice-Chair):

- Results of survey of SIGCOMM 2009 authors.

Comments on SIGCOMM conference:

- Short/position would be desirable if done right.

- Certain areas are under-represented (e.g., theory, hardware).

- Suggestion to consider additional materials for review (e.g., video describing work). In response, it was noted that additional material may be bad idea since it may not be relevant for some areas (e.g., theory). Also, additional material may violate anonymity for review process.

- Attendees may be more interested in really good talks than simply really good paper. Could consider publishing more papers in proceedings and only select some for presentation.

- A larger number of reviews (beyond 3-4) does not increase the quality of reviews

- A larger number of reviews ensures that more TPC members have read the paper and thus increase the quality of discussion at the TPC meeting

Comments on technical steering committee for SIGCOMM conference:

- Suggestion to have a liaison to the EC (or a member of the EC that is a member of the TSC). In the latter case, the conference coordinator ex officio may be a suitable choice.

- Several comments indicating that technical steering committee is a good idea.