Community Feedback Session 2010 Notes

- Presentations
  * Bruce's presentation on SIGCOMM
  * Olivier's presentation about Education
  * Keshav's presentation on CCR
  * Jon Crowcroft on CACM
  * Joerg Liebeherr on SIGCOMM 2011

- Comments/questions
  * Venkat Padmanabhan: "How does test of time award get selected?"
  Bruce: any paper in a Sigcomm-sponsored conference or publication from 10-12
  years ago is eligible
  * ?: "Why are there no papers on cognitive networks?"
  Bruce: no deliberate attempt to exclude, in fact the conference has
  tried to increase scope in recent years
  * Jon Crowcroft: "Mid of August is a bad time for SIGCOMM is bad for
  Europeans (e.g., next year's SIGCOMM)"
  Bruce: Sorry
  * Nick Feamster: "Classes in the US start mid/end August" + "Lots of
  senior people didn't come because of convenience of location - is
  the 3-year rotation policy working out? Appreciate the outreach
  aspect, but pendulum may have swung too far."
  * Victor Bahl: "Cost is also a problem with this year's venue. We
  should explore technologies that allow people to participate in
  * KK: "If we allow remote presentation, we need to let people know
  well in advance to make sure expectations are communicated."
  * Fabian Bustamante: "We could use the wildcard year to go to a
  place where there is currently no strong local networking group to
  push our presence there."
  * Ken Calvert: "Was the announcement of the annual report in the
  monthly newsletter? Should be there."
  Note: it wasn't, but should have been
  * Shivkumar Kalyanaraman: "There are lots of lecture videos that
  also could be put up on the education site."
  * Venkat: "What is "impact rating"?"
  Bruce: it's a measure of how much impact a conference has,
  calculated based on various formulae that look at citations,
  somewhat like pagerank. There are multiple rankings
  * Alex Snoeren: "It's a travesty that page limits on ToN are shorter
  than a SIGCOMM paper."
  Keshav addressed this point in his presentation - it is not going to
  be the case, and SIGCOMM is funding extra pages
  * Fabian Bustamante: "Is there a way to implement a mechanism so
  that a researcher can get feedback from the community on work in
  * ?: "We should have a list of the major contributions in networking
  over the last 10 years."
  * Venkat: "CCR had a recommended reading list. What happened to it?"