Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Conference Call

Meeting Date: 
2 May 2011
Bruce Davie, Tilman Wolf, S. Keshav, Mark Crovella, Neil Spring, Olivier Bonaventure

1. Awards Chair

After 4 years in the role, Ramesh is going to step down. A replacement
should be found by the end of the summer; Bruce to take the lead.

2.  NSDI Steering Committee

After 9 years representing SIGCOMM on the NSDI steering committee,
Tom Anderson has asked us to appoint a new representative. Bruce will
take the lead to find a suitable candidate.

3. CoNEXT 2011 update

Plans for CoNEXT 2011 (Tokyo) have been moving ahead fairly
smoothly. Because of some concerns expressed about the post-earthquake
situation in Japan, the steering committee conducted a survey to
determine whether there were enough concerns to warrant a change in
venue. The current SC view, based on both survey results and the
generally safe conditions in Tokyo, is that the location should not be changed.

4. Sigcomm 2011

Keshav provided a brief update. Plans are going smoothly. Papers have
been selected and are getting arranged into sessions. Travel grant
applications are coming in. Video recording services have been
arranged so that talks can be put into the ACM Digital Library.

5. Sigcomm 2012

Planning is well along for Sigcomm 2012 in Helsinki. Because Helsinki
seemingly has no hotel that can host a meeting of our size, other
options are being considered.  Finlandia hall (a large conference
venue) or university locations are being considered (along with
related budget issues).

6. CCR Online
According to data from ACM, we spend slightly more on printing and
mailing CCR than we bring in from membership funds. Some other SIGs
have chosen two-tiered membership approach, with those who wish to
receive paper newsletters/proceedings paying more, and the remainder
of the membership receiving both  online access and a CD at end of
year. (The CD addresses concerns about loss of access if membership is
allowed to lapse.)

Moving to a primarily online model has several advantages (and seems
likely to be the way of the future). These include better figures,
non-text content such as slides and video, and the potential for
faster turnaround. We could invite members to register for topics of
interest and provide automatic notifications of relevant content
becoming available.

The ACM Digital Library is the appropriate place to retain archival
copies of our publications. We could build a front-end on our own site
to point to CCR articles. Bruce agreed to send Neil the information on
how papers and metadata are currently delivered to the DL. We may also
be able to get such data from Sheridan publishing. We need to have
some means to minimize breakage of links that currently point to the
existing CCR Online site.

If our member benefits change, we can only do that at the start of a
fiscal year. We should figure out now if that is what we want to do,
and estimates of how popular the print membership will be will
determine what we should charge. We decided to put a survey question
into the registration process for SIGCOMM 2011 to gather some data on
this topic. Keshav agreed to draft a question.