Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Conference Call

Meeting Date: 
6 June 2011
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Tilman Wolf, Jaudelice de Oliveira, S. Keshav

1. Turing event

Plans are developing for an ACM-sponsored event in honor of the 100th birthday of Turing.  SIGCOMM is being asked to pitch in $22.8k (which is small portion of overall cost of $500k). We agreed that we are happy to contribute, and Bruce will request some more details from Vint Cerf, who has been representing SIGCOMM on the planning committee.

2. SIGCOMM 2011

Planning proceeds with no major issues. Network support is being worked out between Cisco personnel, the hotel, and local arrangements team.  Web casting and video recording contracts are in place.

3. SIGCOMM 2012

The chairs have secured sufficient sponsorship to cover the costs of Finlandia Hall, the preferred venue. They are planning to work with local Cisco contacts regarding network support; Bruce can help if needed. Other planning is proceeding smoothly.

The organizers of COMSNETS (in India) have approached SIGCOMM for support. The SIG is considering giving COMSNETS similar treatment to LANC. We have earmarked two geodiversity travel grants for best local paper authors to attend SIGCOMM. We may also consider travel grants for guest speakers and for students traveling to the conference from outside the region. Henning suggested that we might want to try some sort of matching funds to encourage local support as well.

More generally, we should consider the process by which we decide to support regional conferences. (In addition to LANC, we have been supporting AINTEC for some years.) We might want to try to mentor the organizers. We agreed that the SIG should ask regional conferences for some sort of strategic plan. It was also suggested that a meeting of regional conference organizers at the SIGCOMM conference could be helpful.

5. Volunteers

The search for an new awards chair continues. Alex Snoeren has been appointed in place of Tom Anderson on the NSDI steering committee. More generally, we may want to make an effort to create a databased of potential volunteers to fill future positions, as was discussed at a recent meeting of the SIG Governing Board. We should be thinking ahead to build a stable of future volunteers. Keshav suggested getting current volunteers to provide a list of their backups. We may also want to draw on the Technical Steering Committee's collective knowledge of past PC members and chairs. Some method for self-nomination would also be desirable. We agreed that EC members should raise this matter in discussion with leaders in other SIGs.

6. Transations on Networking

We discussed the evolution of feedback processes for academic journals.  Our community's use of feedback mechanisms appear to be limited compared to some other fields. We could, for example, be using web-based commenting forums to encourage more debate on articles. Bruce noted that there seemed to be some of this going on in past SIGCOMM conferences (e.g. 2006). Henning agreed to write a blog post to see if we can get some discussion on this topic.