Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Conference Call: January 3

Meeting Date: 
3 January 2011
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Keshav, Ramesh Govindan, Jau de Oliveira, Mark Crovella, Olivier Bonaventure

1. Best Thesis Award

Henning made a few more updates to the proposal. Latest version
removes requirement that a nominator must be a SIGCOMM member. We
decided that the  nominated student should be a SIGCOMM member. A
letter from department chair will be required to insure a single
nomination from a department. We will align with ACM schedule (Oct 31
submission deadline) to try to sync-up with as many academic calendars
around the world as possible and simplify process for departments
submitting to both the ACM and SIGCOMM awards. Ramesh and Bruce will
finalize the document and send it to the Sig Governing Board for review.

2. Sigcomm 2011

Keshav reported that fundraising is progressing well. There have been
delays in getting invoices issued by ACM to supporters.  Keshav will
follow up with phone calls to ACM's conference co-ordinator. We
discussed the possibility of a couple of panels: one on publications
(ToN, CCR); one on industry/academic collabartion (a follow on to the
successful CoNext panel). We need to check with the general and program
chairs on feasibility of one or both of these.

3. CCR online

CCR online has a number of features beyond those that are needed to
post the content of the printed journal online, such as discussion
forums and other resources. These do not seem to be getting much use,
and if anything just detract from the ease of use of the site. After
some discussion of how we might get more excitement around the site,
we decided that it makes most sense to trim it back to core, article
publishing functions. Bruce will discuss with Neil to ensure that
nothing serious will break if we do this.

4. Conferences/Workshop Requesting Sponsorship

The VISA (Virtualized Infrastructure) Workshop has been held at
SIGCOMM for a couple of years, and is now looking to operate
standalone. The have asked SIGCOMM to be the sponsor. For logistic
support and to help attract the relevent audience, the plan is to
collocate with a GENI engineering conference. It was noted that this
will imply a US location initially.

The EC suggested that the organizers should proceed to apply formally
for our support for a single conference. We will treat it as an
experiment and  explicitly request a detailed report, which would be
carefully evaluated before considering ongoing sponsorship.

A Network Architecture conference has been proposed to the EC. The
organizers are suggesting co-sponsorship by IEEE and SIGCOMM. While
there were some concerns about whether such a conference can attract
enough good papers without being overly broad (and competing with
existing broad conferences) the EC consensus was to encourage
application for sponsorship for one conference. We would evaluate
closely after one event.  Bruce will encourage a formal proposal, with
the advice to include a good steering committee, drawing on
experienced people from the ReArch workshop, and expressing the
concern about breadth.