Minutes of SIGCOMM EC Conference Call: Februrary 14

Meeting Date: 
14 February 2011
Bruce Davie, Henning Schulzrinne, Tilman Wolf, Olivier Bonaventure, Mark Crovella, Jaudelice de Oliveira, S. Keshav,

 1. Geodiversity Travel Grants

The EC discussed a proposal to provide travel grants for SIGCOMM
attendees from the Indian subcontinent, motivated by the successful
conference in India in 2010. We had high participation from local
students and faculty and wish to continue that participation as the
conference moves on to other locations. The EC concluded that the best
way to increase participation from India is to increase the overall
size of our geodiversity grant pool (to $30,000 from $20,000) and to
broaden the eligibility of geodiversity grants (which are currently
targeted to junior faculty and post-docs) to include students. Paper
authors may also be considered if their home institution can't support
their travel.

The current wording of the geodiversity grants description accurately
captures  the regions that we wish to target for funding (those
historically under-represented at the conference). The travel grants
committee for the annual conference will ultimately make funding
decisions based on the pool of applicants and budget. The EC should
ensure that the new criteria are made clear to the travel grants

We would like to publish the list of awardees and their affiliations
both for transparency and to provide guidance to future applicants.

It was noted that we will continue to offer student travel grant
support in addition to geodiversity grants, in the amount of $10k for
both SIGCOMM and CoNEXT conferences, with no geographic restrictions
(so this may also be applied to under-represented regions, at the
discretion of the travel grant chair, depending on the applicant pool
and other funding sources).

2. SIGCOMM 2011 Planning

Bruce and Jau reviewed SIGCOMM 2011 budget with the organizers and it
looks in good shape.

Keshav is seeking proposals for panels. Bruce agreed to propose an
industry panel along the lines of "tell us what problems you find
interesting in the real world".

3. SIGCOMM 2012 Planning

There has been discussion among  the organizing committee regarding
appropriate sponsorship levels. The EC agreed that we should not
interfere with general chairs, but that consistent tiers across
different years should be maintained if possible.

4. Awards
Our PhD. thesis award proposal is now in the pipeline; waiting to
hear back from ACM if it is approved.

We submitted a nomination for the Athena lecturer award.

5. Conference Sponsorships

We had talked about a couple of conferences looking for SIGCOMM
sponsorship in the prior month's call.  Feedback has been given to the
chairs and they are in process of revising their requests for formal
submission via ACM.

6. CCR Online

We have started considering if CCR online could be folded into the
main SIGCOMM site. Bruce had an initial discussion with Neil to see if
anything would break.  Bruce should talk to Ernst about CCR
online's future, as Ernst has been responsible for it for many years.